How do I ping Technorati using WordPress, directions don’t follow

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    Hi there:

    Sorry to bother you. Could you please help me. I wanted to Ping Technorati using WordPress and I can’t follow the instructions below because I do not get any page that says “Update services” or any choices as if they have below. Could you be kind enough to talk me through this correctly. I am sorry to trouble any of you.

    All info is below.

    Thank you,
    Craig Fenton
    Author Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent”

    Ping Technorati using WordPress
    « All Technorati ping configurations

    Log in to your WordPress weblog.

    Select “Options” from the top menu.

    Select “Writing” from the sub-menu.

    The last option on the page is “Update Services.” Add Technorati’s ping server as a new line

    within the Update Services text box.

    If Ping-o-Matic ( appears in the text box you are configured to ping Technorati as well as many other ping locations via a relay service. We recommend pinging Technorati directly with every new post and update.



    Every time you publish a post pingomatic automatically pings Technorati and other pinging services. If you wish to manually ping as well use this link


    Hi Timethief: Thank you for your reply. You were correct with the information. Thanks! All the info is there on the Technorati link! What I had wanted to see was why the Techmorati Page Instructions didn’t pan out in Word Press in case there was an error. The drop down menu they showed in the instructions did not duplicate mine.

    Have a great night and thank you for your quick reply and kindness.

    All the best,
    Craig Fenton
    Author of new Jefferson Airplane book “Take Me To A Circus Tent”

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