How do I point my custom domain to my WordPress blog?

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    I\’m not sure how to search the forums. I searched my topic (\”custom domain\”), and I got a bunch of recently posted irrelevant stuff. So I thought it would be faster just to ask.

    I\’ve moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress, but still have a custom domain ( pointed at my Blogger site. What I found through a Google search focused mostly on the Blogger end, but merely said to \”ask WordPress\” for the rest of the details. The domain was purchased from eNom by way of Google. I believe I know how to point the domain at WordPress, but I need the address to point the DNS servers toward. I\’m not sure if I\’m using the correct terminology.

    I want to preserve my Gmail address ( and other Google apps, I simply want to point my custom domain address to my blog the same as it is with Blogger now.

    Blog url:



    You can map your existing domain here following this guide:

    Once you have that done, follow the guide at starting around step 7 to re-verify your domain with Google.

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