How do I point my site back to the original domain I own on WP?

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    I made an error and changed my domain name instead of forwarding it to the TLD I purchased, and so there are now 2 blogs associated to my content. However, the first one has all the correct layouts, images and site traffic so I tried to copy the blog back over to the original version. While the content came over, the layout shifted, and the widget area is messed up. For example, there’s a category listing on the let sidebar of the site now ( ) however, the widget area shows that space as empty.
    Note that I own both and however, when I tried to change the name back from Thrivefree to Wellnessdish, I was told Wellness Dish is already in use – which it is, by me.

    So my question is – how do I get the content from the new site i pointed it to ( ) to the old domain which has all the site traffic so I can just forward that to the TLD in the site redirect section?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    I should clarify that the original site was
    I changed the name of the site to When I did that, I lost the traffic so I tried switching it back. We copied the content over, uploaded it back to the first site ( ) and in doing so, the layout, featured images, widgetcontent, etc are all messed up. So I;m trying to see how I can fix my original error.


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