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How do i Post?

  1. simple question! but i am stymied.. i have registered an account with while registering for the account i selected the username only option, as against the 'gimme a blog' option.

    now i donot see any option from where i can start a new post.. one link in the dashboard taks me back to the registration page.. i do not wish to re-register. .i want to use the existing account and enable it for blogging as well :P

  2. If you selected username only, then you do not yet have a blog. While logged in to wordpress, go to and in the upper right there is a bluish panel that will show your username and a link at the bottom "register another blog" or similar. Click on that link and you can set up a blog for yourself.

    Here is a link to a beginner's guide to help you get started:

  3. i do not see any such link.. uh i feel like a dummy.. not after so many years in the computer industry.. pls advise.. a screen shot would be helpful..

  4. Go to and log in to wordpress using your username and password you set up when you registered. There will be a bluish colored box below the "sign up now" button where you sign in. Once you are signed in the page will reload and that bluish box will change telling you welcome back. In that bluish box, at the bottom should be a link that will say something like "register a blog" or something like that. If you click on that link you will be taken to another page where you can choose a blog name.

  5. I appreciate ur help sir, but ...;
    Unlike what u have mentioned, after login at, i am automatically redirected to Global dashboard.. so i donot see any bluish box which welcomes me back.. or any link that takes me to register a blog..

  6. Please use this link to create a blog.

  7. this would imply, that i would have to re-register with a another email address.. can i not simply re-use my existing account.. I understand, that perhaps you may be getting impatient..

  8. thistimethisspace

    Have you contacted staff?

  9. As the volunteers here have not been able to help you perhaps you should use this link during support hours and request staff help I'm sorry we have been unable to help you here on the forum. You can contact staff using this link during support hours

  10. From global dashboard click on your username,

    This after you login of course Jadhav, then go to write.



  12. 1. Turn off CAPS LOCK
    2. Search the forum for "PayPal"
    3. Read this post that you found very easily:
    4. Read this post, too: 7 Things to Know Before Posting in the Forums

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