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How do I post blogs within pages of the blog?

  1. There is the front page blog that we would like to display and then we have a menu of other pages. We'd like for there to be separate blogs within the menu headers so that it appears only on that page. Is that possible to do or do all posts have to go on the front page?
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  2. Pages are a form of content, like posts, so they can't contain posts. Instead, try leveraging your categories and category archive pages for this.

  3. Okay. Thanks. I eventually saw this suggestion too in the help section. So, now, it is a matter of learning how to leverage the categories and then I have to put them in the menu correct? So, is it possible to select a category for a post and have it appear under the page connected to that category?

    While I'm here. I put a page within a page (in my attempt to create a static page within a page). Anyway, it appears on the list of menu items when I look at it from an ipad or my iphone but when I look at my page from my computer, I don't see this "embedded" page at all. How would I at least make this appear so that it's an option for the readers to click on various embedded pages (my menu page is the parent).

    Hope my questions are clear. I know what I want but I may not be explaining it as well as I need to. I basically want to have menu pages and allow for a variety of content to appear under each menu tab. If I have to upgrade to allow for such customization, I will do it but didn't want to make the investment without seeking advice first.

    Thanks so much!!!

  4. What you'll need to do (for all of the above) is override the theme's existing menu with your own via Appearance -> Menus in your blog's Dashboard.

    See this for more info:

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