how do i preserve my formatting that i've supposedly created when writing?

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    Some of my blogs / pages (articles) look fine when I’m writing them re: formatting and then when I preview and publish the formatting changes. The main problem is where there was a space when i was creating/writing gets lost and I lose a line when it’s published. I just emptied my cache, will that mean my site miraculously fixes the past articles or if this was the problem will this only remedy future articles. One article was about Transition Towns and the bottom of the article’s spaces get ignored when published.
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    The blog I need help with is



    Edit that post (as well as your latest one), select Paragraph from the Format tool (row 2 tool 1), switch the editor to HTML and back to Visual, click Update.

    For future posts, always make sure the Format tool is set to Paragraph before you press return for paragraph breaks.



    I too have a similar problem. I’m new to WordPress and still finding my way around.

    I like to have several photos following on from each other with a space between them, also a space when I begin a new subject after a photo.

    No matter how many times I put spaces between photos they get lost on publishing.

    Wail……. I can’t find the format tool!

    Thanks for any help.



    The alignment icons in the WordPress editor are for aligning text; they are not for aligning images. They are used to achieve wrapping text around images on either the right or left hand side, or to display an image that’s centered without text on either side of it. If the text beside the images does not occupy the same amount of space that the image beside it does then the text wrapping will continue and the images and text that follow will have a staggered appearance.

    • Align-left means position left, with the rest of the content wrapping around the right side of the image.
    • Align-right means position right, with the rest of the content wrapping around the left side of the image.
    • Align-center means position center, with no wrap-around (= the rest of the content below the image).
    • So if you want two images to be side by side on the same line start by setting the alignment of both images to left. T o prevent the staggered effect what you do is insert the following snippet of code into the HTML editor after each image/text pair:
      <br style="clear:both;" />

      See > For more on WordPress formatting and spacing



    Wail……. I can’t find the format tool!

    Visual editor Row two first icon >



    Thanks so much for your prompt reply, but I guess I didn’t explain properly.

    I don’t want 2 images side by side (though I’ll certainly bookmark this in case I do in the future – thanks).

    What I want is for the photos to be one under the other but with more space between them.



    Ha! Thank you! It worked! I put that bit of code after a photo and it saved a space!
    Thank you! Just what I was looking for.



    You’re welcome.

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