How do I prevent my Gravatar hovercard from appearing on each post?

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    I do not want to disable my hovercard, nor do I want to delete my Gravatar. I simply don’t want it to appear at the bottom of each of my posts. I cannot figure out what I did to make this happen, nor how to prevent it.

    The blog I need help with is


    Go to Users > My Profile, delete all the text from the About You field, click Update Profile.



    Thank you but this doesn’t help, because it deletes my info from my Gravatar. Don’t want that. I just don’t want my Gravatar to show up at the bottom of every post on my blog. Anyone know how to fix this?



    Only a few themes display an author profile and if you do as panaghiotisadam says then the author profile then the author profile does not display. However, as you don’t like that result what you can do is slect another theme that does not display author profiles. See here >



    Thank you. I wonder why this never happened until a few days ago, yet I have always had the same theme. I don’t want to change my theme right now, so if anyone else has an idea of how to stop my gravatar from displaying at the bottom of each of my posts…. thanks


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