How do I prevent the layout of the text on my blog from changing from what I typ

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    Sometimes the published text that accompanies my photo on my daily blog is different from that which I see when I click “preview.” There are often three words up top, and then a huge spaces with the rest of the text below the photo. I have tried rewriting the entire text, and the same thing happens — the text is broken with a large space between the first few words and the rest of the paragraph. How do I get it to publish the text exactly as I write it, as one paragraph, all (but the title) below the photograph?

    The blog I need help with is


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    You need to choose the alignment for the pictures. The picture of the moose and deer tracks is set “alignright” so your text wraps around it on the left. Change it to “aligncenter” and you can have text only above or below the picture.

    When you insert a picture, scroll down so you can see :
    “Attachment display settings”
    That is where you set the alignment, link to, and size.
    alignright so text wraps around the picture on the left
    aligncenter so text will be above and or below
    alignleft so text will wrap around on the right
    alignnone looks like it aligned on the left but text won’t wrap beside it.


    I may have just left you a message on your cooking blog where you’ll never find it. I just want to thank you so much for helping me figure this out. I never in a million years would have done so without you. Thank you so very much! Mary


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    Hi Mary!
    I appreciated your comment! You are very welcome. ≥^!^≤

    You didn’t ask about this, but:
    You sent it via the wordpress contact form, which if you want people to contact works very well.
    Your email address is not displayed online where spammers will harvest it, but your readers can reach you privately rather than commenting directly on your blog.

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