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How do I promote my blog?

  1. My blog is

    I am trying to get people to come and visit it. I give advice at the blog and really enjoy helping people. However, it seems I am lucky to get one or two questions a day. How do you guys promote your blogs? I dont really care much about ratings. Like if I get 100 viewers and only 2 post a question then the viewership numbers mean nothing. How do I get people to actually participate?

    Thanks and Merry Christmas

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please use the forum searchbox. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  3. check it out

    and also read my blog

  4. See what jingleyanqiu does, and don't do that. He's getting another suspension from the forums.

  5. @jingle
    You are not a blogging tips blogger so suggesting that Kyle ought to read your blog does not help him learn how to promote his blog. :(

  6. This is link is more helpful because it leads to some threads that are exactly on topic

  7. How about pinging at it's by Automattic too. It sends pings to blog searches.

  8. If you've read the threads TT brought up, you'd see it's not necessary. Pinging is automatic.

  9. thanks guys!

  10. As raincoaster says pingomatic (included in wordpress software) is automatic and I have a warning for you too. Do be aware that if you use multiple ping services and they overlap then they may consider you to be a “ping spammer” and ban your account.

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