How do I promote my blog

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    Hi all I’m new to blogging and want to know how to get some support on my blog.

    Any ideas or are there some set systems for this I don’t know about.



    Thank you for checking out the resources here and for using the forum search box. This has been discussed many, many times on the forum and the search box will be full of suggestions. But I do recomment you check the first link out first as it is the most comprehensive.
    Happy Blogging!



    Timet, seriously…

    You have a truly unhealthy, obnoxious, and pretentious habit of posting on threads only to say “use the search button lolol”, give the guy a break. He’s new here, and he’s asking for help, why not just deliver it and leave it at that? If you don’t want to, don’t post.



    The most useful tools that anyone can locate on blog promotion on the forum are
    (1) and
    (2)the threads in the forum search box.

    Apparently, rather than giving out this useful information to people seeking help, you have demonstrated your preference for “ghosting” the forum and hurling insults at me for actually providing information.

    Now I’ll let you pause and consider how healthy and pretentious your own behaviour indicates you are … seriously



    I wrote a failry detailed lost of suggestions here that you can check out.

    I would make the suggestion though that it’s real hard to find your posts on your site. You can either use the ‘Last Posts’ widget to display them or you can create a blank Page labeled something like ‘Posts’ and assign this to be where your posts are. You can set this at Dashboard -> Options -> I think it’s Reading but it’s the same place where you assigned your front page.

    Hope this helps,




    I do believe this is the first time I’ve “hurled insults at you”…I wouldn’t even call it that, it was just an objection.

    I don’t have anything against you in the least, its just that in like every other thread you ALWAYS say somethign along the lines of “this has already been discussed use the search button”, I think posting like that is totally redundant in most cases, especially when the thread starter has explictly stated that he is new and has no idea what he’s doing.



    For models of a respectful, helpful tone we’d all do well to emulate Dr. Mike and Podz — which brings me to the topic of this thread. If you want to “publicize” your blog, you might want to make sure that every time you interact with another person online, you adopt a welcoming tone, one that’s respectful to those whom you’re addressing, helpful to them if they are seeking help, and grateful if they are extending help. If you do that, people will get to know you as a decent person, as someone whom they’ll enjoy visiting, and as a blogger they return to again and again.



    go out there on comment on other people’s blogs… do more than just saying – “Nice blog!”…that will ensure they come to your blog and if your content is good..they will come back again and again.

    But on your site…worry about hits, comments and traffic after your blog has some good content .




    well, is no longer active. but it was fun reading that little spat anyway chaps


    What you can do is find other bloggers who are ‘new’ to the game. Offer a kind of an exchange, “I’ll make an ad about your site if you make one about mine” that kind of stuff. Or if you think you made a really good post that is worthy of a large audience, try submitting it to sites like

    Good luck, and visit for all your mac-pimpin’ needs :P



    we’re all new at some point (I still am, relatively speaking) and imagine if everyone who was new -didn’t- use the search button..there’d be soooo many threads on repeat stuff and not enough volunteers on the forum to actually -offer- the help

    so, imo, timethief offered up a very helpful response and it was respectful and friendly. just b/c a reply isn’t all ‘…welcome…tehee’ doesn’t mean it’s synonymous with disrespect ;P

    also, ‘unhealthy, obnoxious, and pretentious’ would pretty much qualify for insults methinks

    just sayin’ ;)



    IMO it’s unfortunate that we can still post to old threads like these. The information in them that is still relevant could still be used but IMO it would be better if they were closed to new posts.

    For everyone reading this thread in 2007, it’s important to note that this is a very old thread from 2006 and as familoo pointed out the link for is no longer useful as that blog has been deleted.

    P.S. {waving to weirdscience}



    I have had my blog for about six months and would like to know if there is anyway I can promote my blog . To see if I can get more traffic. So far I cannot find the answer. Can anybody advise?
    The Foureyed Poet.




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