how do i provide anonymity for my whole name

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    i am sorry if this is not where i should be asking this. but i want to be able to post entries to a new blog, just with my first name as the administrator. but this does not seem to be happening. i cannot find the answer to this.thanks, lauree



    You only get one setting per account as to how your name shows up. If you want to have different display of you name on different blogs, you have to have different accounts.



    You can change your Nickname, which is the name that appears under “author” when you post to your blogs. Go to Dashboard>Users>Your Profile>Nickname. Then change the “Display name publicly as” to the name you wish to appear. Regardless of your Nickname, here in the forums, you will always appear with your username.

    As Vivian pointed out, however, if you want a different name to appear on each blog, you have to sign up for different accounts.


    I have a related question. I don’t want my actual name to be linked with my blog, yet it appears when I use google and search my name with the word “blog.” I’m not doing any nefarious blogging, but I do have a few folks in the world I’d rather not find me.

    Any ideas?



    Yes, it’s not as rare as you’d think.

    In every case of which I’ve heard, if the actual blog owner didn’t do something stupid and leave comments around using the email (email redacted) which happens a lot, it turns out to be friends passing things around and posting them on their blogs going “Look, Bill Smith has a new blog!”. Try tracing the links down and asking your friends.

    If you really want to separate things, don’t tell ANYONE, and export that blog, register a new blog with a NEW username, and import the posts into it.

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