How do I publish WordPress to a Facebook PAGE not my personal Facebook timeline?

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    I want to get my blog posted onto my Facebook PAGE not my Facebook timeline but it is not giving me the option, how do I do that?

    I’ve already asked for help on this and still haven’t figure it out. I’ve tried disconnecting WordPress and Facebook several times and re-doing the process. It does ask me “WordPress would like to post to pages or manage your pages” and I say okay. Then, when I say go ahead and publish to Facebook it only gives me the option of posting to my timeline, not my page.

    The blog I need help with is





    Thank you for your help… unfortunately it doesn’t help.

    I will go ahead and disconnect WordPress and Facebook and then re-connect them and copy/paste all the options they give me… maybe that will help you answer my question.

    1) I press connect under the Facebook option in sharing.
    2) will receive the following info: your public profile and friend list. (I press okay)
    3) would like to post to Facebook for you. (I press okay… there’s a button on the left hand side that gives me an option as to who can see my posts).
    4) would like to manage your Pages. (I press okay… there’s no button for me to click saying which page to manage. I am an admin for the page I want it to be published to).
    5) You have successfully connected your blog with your Facebook account.
    Publicize to my Facebook Timeline:

    Ali Emmerson
    Make this connection available to all users of this blog?

    Okay… great! There’s a little box next to my name that I can click. HOWEVER, there is no choice for any of the pages. When I ask for something to be published, it goes to my personal timeline. I was told that I’d have the option to publish to my page, but I can’t see that option. Can you help?

    Thank you!


    Hello, here is my problem one day as surfing through search engine results to track how my blogu discutii100ro appears on the internet, I discovered that this address I do not understand where and how did the Internet when it address is blog, Face Book is an address to another address however please help me to understand what actually happened, why the results from Google appears | Facebook, please help me so much, thank you very much.



    Could you rephrase that?


    I did a blog on WP platform has an address here
    -I account is added to the sharing FBook here address.
    -One day I searched the internet other blogs that have the same theme of discussion, I discovered that I have a different address FBook with my blog name.
    -How did this page, I can not manage it, here page.
    Please help me to understand where is this page on FB with my blog name.
    -How do I manage this page …
    Thank you very much


    -Am facut un blog pe platforma WP , are o adresa iata .
    -Am cont FBook care este adaugat la partajare iata adresa
    -Intr-o zi am cautat pe internet alte bloguri care au aceleasi teme de discutie , am descoperit ca am o alta adresa FBook cu numele blogului meu .
    -Cum a aparut aceasta pagina , ca nu pot sa o administrez , iata pagina
    Te rog ajuta-ma sa inteleg de unde este aceasta pagina pe FB cu numele blogului meu .
    -Cum administrez aceasta pagina…
    -Multumesc foarte mult



    That is not a real Facebook page. It is a dummy page automatically generated by Facebook. Whenever they see a site that gets posted to FB a lot, they create a page like that. Just create your own Page if that’s what you want.


    Thank you very much, I understand.
    Regards for you Cristian.

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