How do I purchase an expired domain (someone else's) from WordPress?

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    I would like to purchase a particular domain that has expired (from a now-defunct business), which was registered through WordPress, and which I would want to use myself on WordPress. I found Support information about Domain Expiration here:

    The information is directed at domain owners, explaining why it’s important to renew, and what happens if you don’t (e.g. “Once a domain is in redemption, it’s also put up for sale at an expired-domain auction, where another party can bid on your domain name. At the end of the redemption period, if there was a successful bidder in the auction, the registrar will assign the domain name to that party” and also “If there are no bidders, the domain will be returned to the pool of available domain names. However, it is common for back-order companies to wait for domains to be released and purchase them the moment they become available…Please note that is not notified whether or not a domain is auctioned off, nor will we be notified when the domain is released.”)

    However, it does not explain what to do if you are the person who wishes to purchase the expired domain. Where are these auctions and back-order companies? And if WordPress is the registrar of the domain I want, can’t I just contact someone in sales at WP to purchase it before they release it to an auction? Thanks for any help you can give!

    The blog I need help with is



    I have flagged this for the staff –

    But Wild West Domains is the registrar that WordPress.COM uses – so a good place to start is there – WordPress.COM will not release a domain name to another account – the original account has rights to renew an expired domain until it reverts to the wild or goes into an auction –



    What is the domain name in question?

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