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How do I put a Comments box on front page of blog

  1. Hello.

    I think I am possibly being dense but on my blog all my posts are in a line one after the other with no comments box at the bottom however if I click on the post then people can leave a comment. Is there a way to have the comment box on the front page too? Most people won't click into the post.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have over 860 posts in one of my blogs and many have many comments. Can your imagine how long it would take to load my blog if what your propose was the case? We have 30 - 40 seconds before those who click into any blog will stop waiting for a page to load and click out.

    Unless you use the P2 theme which is a Twitter-like theme, know that the front pages of our blogs "showcase content" and comments are collapsed on that page. You cannot change this. The way the comments function is coded into the core of WordPress. By clicking the post title or the comments link the posts on the front page open on their own page where all comments display.

  3. Thanks for answering so quickly.

    Yes I see what you mean. That would make sense. Ok in which case, is there anyway to only show part of your posts on the front page so that people have to click to read more? Like a summary of each I guess.

  4. Yes, you can insert the more tag into each post to achieve that.

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