How do I put a Facebook Like button on the sidebar or header of my blog?

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    I don’t want Like buttons under each blog entry. I want a like button that applies to the whole blog. It’s not clear how to put this up as a widget or menu item. I tried several things that didn’t work the way I expected.
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    Unfortunately, we can’t allow the type of code that Facebook uses for security purposes, so at this time the buttons can only be included under each post.


    That’s unfortunate. Blogging transformed the web, but now one’s voice too easily becomes lost in the roar of the blogosphere. Other forms of social media have created other imperatives. My little blog may not be as impressive as some, but I have only so much time and effort to put into being heard. Facebook is a big deal now. Google allows Facebook Like buttons on I “allow” Facebook Like buttons on my personal web site. My blog simply can’t live here any more if it can’t be liked on Facebook. For the sake of your status as a relevant organization, I hope that you solve those security issues quickly. Good luck!


    We appreciate the feedback and we’re listening! Adding a Facebook like button as an option for the sidebar is something we’d like to add.


    @illusionsbymelanie, please check your Appearance → Widgets page for a new Facebook Like Box option. :D

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