how do i put a personalized logo beside my title?

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    I’d like to use the “Titan” theme and place my personalized logo beside my title “Mark’s Remarks”. How can I do this? Thanks!
    Blog url:



    Hi Mark!

    I moved this to the regular “Support” forum. The “Premium Themes” forum is only used for Premium themes.

    To answer your question, you probably only have the option to *replace* your text with your logo, not to include both.


    Titan doesn’t support a header image. You can use this workaround:
    But this way the image will show up on your homepage only. If you want it to show up on all pages, you can only put it in the sidebar (using an Image widget or a Text widget).


    A logo could be placed beside the title using CSS with the Custom Design upgrade.


    Here is an example using CSS.



    This is helpful. When I purchase the CSS upgrade is that “theme specific” (in this case Titan) or do I still have freedom to try other themes?


    The CSS upgrade is per blog, so you can use any theme you wish. The CSS for each theme is different though so if you change themes you would have to figure out how to get the logo into that particular theme.


    Cree un blog recientemente y no puedo hacer nada, no puedo subir articulos, crear paginas, cambiar mi cabecera, nada. Me sale error.
    mi blog es:



    I’ve purchased the CSS upgrade. How do I upload my logo beside my title?



    The CSS upgrade is not recommended for people without CSS editing knowledge or experience. That is in part because there are only one or two volunteers who know anything about it.


    First off the lighter brown section is about 110px tall, so your logo should not be any taller than that. Width can be whatever you want. Create you logo, upload it to your media library, get the URL of that uploaded image and replace URL OF IMAGE between the double quotes with that URL. Then adjust the padding left as required to position the text as you see fit.

    If the image is less than 110px tall, then you can replace the “top” in the background declaration with a pixel value to position the logo down further.

    Delete all the informational text in the CSS tab at appearance > custom design and paste the following into the edit window and then add the URL. You can use the preview feature to see how it looks (sometimes you might have to force refresh the preview page as it doesn’t always update properly.

    #title {
    background: url("URL OF IMAGE") no-repeat scroll left top transparent;
    padding-left: 100px;

    Once you have it where you want it, make sure the “add to existing…” button is selected and click “save stylesheet.”



    Wow! You’ve been EXTREMELY helpful. I’ve gotta tweak my logo but placing it on the blog is now possible. Thanks so much for your detailed help!


    You are welcome and if you have any problems, you know where we are.


    Does it matter what theme you use it for? I tried to use this on the twenty eleven theme and it didn’t work. Any suggestions? Thanks.


    CSS is theme specific. Each theme for the most part requires a completely unique solution.

    Have you uploaded your logo to your media library? If so, what is the URL of that image?


    And, so you have the custom design upgrade?


    Yes I uploaded it. Here is the url:

    and yes, I have the upgrade.



    Did you want to replace the title and description text that is there now?


    Assuming you want to replace the existing title and tagline, the following should get you what you are looking for.

    #branding hgroup {
    background: url("") no-repeat scroll 0 25px transparent;
    height: 150px;
    #site-title, #site-description {
    display: none;

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