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How do I put a picture in my comment box?

  1. I've seen on some peoples blogs on wordpress that they have a picture in the actual comment box.. but how do i do that?
    Please help! Thanks!

  2. Do you mean an avatar? That depends on the theme. Putting pictures or video in a comment is not an option for any blog at WordPress.COM.

  3. And a link to your blog would be helpful.

  4. No, i don't mean in a comment. I mean at the bottom of the page when you go to leave a comment, that box you can put a picture in it, almost make it a background for the comment box. But how?
    My blog is


  5. You'd need the paid CSS upgrade. Then you could upload an image and set it as the background for the comment box. BUT be warned - if you don't know what you're doing with the CSS there's no staff support and very few forum volunteers who know enough to help. Best to experiment with the free preview option first.

  6. Ok, thanks rosclarke.

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