How do I put header image above the navigation/menu bar?

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    Firstly and most important, I would like to put my logo (header image) above my menu/navigation bar. I’ve got as far as opening the CSS link on customizer and going to the link it gives. However, I don’t find the link helpful and it just sends me here!

    Also, if possible, I would like to shrink my header image. I’ve tried to do this using the ‘edit’ image option in customizer, but couldn’t do it!

    I’m on WordPress Premium.

    Would appreciate some advice please.

    The blog I need help with is



    Were you able to fixed the issue?

    I am seeing the header is above the menu.


    Hello. Thank you for you reply. The issue was that I want to put my logo above the menu. I have since found out that my current theme, ‘halves’ does not have the option within my settings to do this. I need to change my theme to one that has logo settings. I’m worried that I will lose my content if I do this though, so not sure what to do next!

    I would values advice from anyone who has changed themes, once their website is set up.



    Changing theme will not remove your content. When you add a new theme, you can preview the change and see how the new theme with your current content. If you like what you see, then you can activate the new theme.

    This is what I am seeing on your site. The logo is already on top of the menu.


    Hello again. Thanks so much for your help and for checking things out on my site. The ‘logo’ that you indicate is not my logo: it is just my name typed into the title. The difficulties began when I was trying to upload my logo image on jpeg…..

    Anyway, WordPress support have now got back to me with some advice, which, along with yours will hopefully solve the problem. Thanks again.

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