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How do I put images in posts?

  1. I am new to wordpress. I signed up for a free web log on I can't figure out how to put images in my posts. I also can't put links in my writing either! Are you suppose to use html in the post to get this to work? please help! I tried searching and learning about this on I just have no idea how to do this! Please help!

  2. Ok! I finally figured out how to add links into my writing! I am such a newbie! I still can't figure out how to put images into the post. Also how do you make the image a link?

  3. This is embarassing. I figured out how to post images...finally! A little time, a little messing around with the program, yep I figured it out.

  4. Maybe reading the FAQ might help you. That's why it's there. :)

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