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How do I put multiple galleries on the same page?

  1. Please take a look at this link to a page from my blogsite: this page was constructed while the prior formatting system was still in place:

    This is what I STILL want to be able to do: put some pics, a bit of text, some more pics, some more text, etc., etc., etc. - but I cannot figure out the new formatting system yet. The best that i can do is to load a whole page of pics into a gallery, with now chance to put text between various "groups" of pics. If I try to add one group of text/pics, then go back & add another, I get the first group of pics loaded into the page for a second time.

    What am I doing wrong?

  2. You are not doing anything wrong. Galleries are post-specific and contain ALL images related to that post, it cannot be separated into multiple parts. As I understand it that's how galleries work. All images (or any uploaded media in general) are considered post attachments, and you can insert them one by one or as one big gallery. If you want text - images - text - images etc., you need to do that manually.

  3. Coming to think of it, try this workaround:
    Read the Options section about specifying post id. Since galleries are post-specific, you could upload the second part of the gallery into a 2nd unpublished post, and insert the gallery for that post. The post id can be found by going to Manage > Posts and clicking the post title. In your browser address bar something like this will appear: where 470 is the post id. Use that with the gallery shortcode as described above.
    However, if you plan to do this often, you will end up with a truckload of unpublished posts, just holding images.


    Look at the bottom of that page, which discusses this technique. In my testing, the additional Gallery has to appear in a published Post, otherwise, when people click on any thumbnail to see the larger image, they'll get a "Page not found" error.

    Gallery is useful for showing a lot of photos at one go. In your particular case, it might be better to upload your image and then when inserting an image in your post, choose thumbnail size linked to the URL of the larger image.

  5. The pics that I have previously posted are not Post-specific & never have been. I have never had to load pics into a post before to get them on one of the pages. I do not know how to even specify that a post go anywhere but the front page.

    I have tried to "post" pics directly onto one of the "back" pages but, until I click on the "submit gallery" tab, I only get one pic, along with all of the image decriptions from the other pics that I am trying to upload.

  6. I'm not sure where the "submit gallery" tab is that you are talking about. Regardless, you can still insert thumbnail images into a Page just as before. Don't use the "Gallery" option-ignore it. Read the second link in my answer just above yours. For "Size" check "thumbnail" and the Link URL should be the File URL. Use the "Insert into Post" button for each image you want to insert into your Page.

    (Just as an aside, because you have so many Page tabs in your Header, at least for me some of them are UNDER the search box. Why not make these Pages into Child Pages under an overall Gallery tab. That will make your header much easier to navigate.)

  7. I have 85 images at the moment in my media library and I have no desire to lump them into one big gallery because they deal with different things in relation to what I am talking about. I don't understand what you're suggesting with the links provided, but I too would like to have a small gallery of images, then text, then more images. At the moment I've resorted to having different pages but I want to combine them into one post.

    Please explain it to me like I'm stupid because this is slightly annoying behaviour for such a thing to work.

  8. Just use regular thumbnails in your Post or Page.

    In the Write Editor, click on the "Add Image" button and then click on the "Media Library" tab in the Image Uploader. For each file in your Media Library that you want to use, click on "Show", then choose "Size: Thumbnail"; "Link URL:" either "File URL" to display only the image file or "Page URL" if you want to display the image on a separate page where you can include a Description of the image if you want.

    Read the full FAQ here or here

    (To any staff that might be reading this, the "Options for Display" mentioned in those FAQs needs to be updated, as well as "Send to Editor" which is now "Insert into Post".)

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