How do i put music on my blog?

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    Can i?


    Search the FAQs, please – there’s a FAQ with a title almost identical to yours…



    Hi mapplestree,
    I just posted a few minutes ago on my blog a detailed description, including with a few additional WP live links to help you further.
    See it here:
    Happy Holidays!



    Hi photcat,

    I’m glad that’s working for you. I can’t get my audio to work correctly, using all the possible correct techniques. Two emails to Support Staff and two days of waiting with no response at all from them has left me pretty frustrated.


    @disembedded: Would you like to give us the file URL so maybe we could start some narrowing down?



    do i really have to buy the space upgrade to put music on my blog?


    @mapplestree: NO! (You didn’t read the FAQ…) You can upload mp3s in an independent hosting site that provides DIRECT URLs (e.g. Fileden or Getdropbox), get the URLs from there and use them with the wp audio player shortcode.



    i read the faq already
    it says “Buy the Space Upgrade. This allows you to upload mp3, ogg, wav, m4a, mov, wmv, avi, and mpg files to your blog and play them too”

    ok thanks for helping



    Yes, but it also gives other ways to upload music on your blog, free of charge.



    i’m also having trouble with this, i’ve uploaded my mp3’s to my account on fileden, they open and play fine on there, i then get the url and enclose it with the [audio] tag and post that onto my blog, when i check my post to see if it’s working the player won’t play and says error opening file, any ideas what i’m doing wrong?


    @shakeaplenty: Yes, if you give us the link to the blog/post in question.



    Does Fileden allow hotlinking?


    @raincoaster: Yes.



    i figured this out on my own the other night, my problem was that when i copied and pasted the url into the the tags the url’s lettering turned purple, for whatever reason the clip won’t work if the lettering inside the tags is purple, it has to be black


    That means the URL was a link instead of plain text. The audio shortcode won’t work if you paste a live link.

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