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How do I put my flickr badge?

  1. I made a badge at and at the end, they gave me a code to copy and paste on my blog. In the flickr widget, it says copy-paste the rss feed link, but for the life of me, I couldn't find any feed link in flicker. I tried pasting the badge code in the flickr widget, but it didn't work. I tried pasting the badge code on a text widget, but it didn't work as well. Any ideas?

  2. Hey, it worked! Thanks a bunch! But what about the flickr badge? I kind of like it better than just the static photos of the flickr widget. They have 2 types - html and flash. I like the flash badge. I wish there's a way to incorporate it on my sidebar?

  3. Glad it helped. That little arrow pointing to the feed is helpful. :)

    I'm unsure what the badges even look like or do. I do have a flickr widget on one of my blogs, but with a feed. Unfortunately, flash, javascript, iframes and forms are stripped out for security reasons. But you can put straight html in a text widget.

  4. BTW - love the cat!

  5. Thanks again, ellaella! I figured it probably wouldn't work since there's already a specific widget in place. It's cool, thanks! And about my cat, she's all fluffy again. : )

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