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How do I put my oldest entry first on the Matala theme?

  1. I don't know anything about programming or HTML, so can you please tell me how to have my oldest entry show first in layman's terms? Thank you so much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    This is not theme related. Our blogs display posts in reverse chronological order, unless there is a timezone issue or a sticky posts issue.

    The default timezone is UTC time. You can reset your timezone here > Settings > General Select the closest city to you in the same timezone in the drop-down menu you see there and then click "save changes".

    If that does not rectify the post order then how many sticky posts have you created?

  3. Thank you for your response! Is there an easy way to get my blog to post in actual chronological order instead of reverse? I want people to be able to read it from the beginning to end, not end to beginning. Sorry I'm so dim! Thanks for the help!

  4. Stop and think about what you suggest please. Blogs are ever growing. people come to read your most recent post. Annoying them by compelling them to click through for example over 800 posts as I have on my blog would not be a good plan.

    Setting that aside, the answer is "no" there is not button your can click and reverse the order.

    Blogs are essentially a reverse chronological order publishing tool and you cannot change this order on a free hosted blog. Posts will be posted to your blog in accord with their datestamps at publication. WordPress by default shows posts in reverse chronological order (newest post on top). For returning visitors, this is very convenient since they can see the latest post without having to page down through page after page of hundreds of posts they have already read.

    See here for the option of creating a book-like structure > Perhaps that will work for you.

    You could use a sticky post as an index page >

  5. Okay, thanks for the info. My blog was just for a trip I took and I will not be adding to it. Now I just want it to be something friends and family can read in the order the trip occurred. But thank you for answering my question that this is not possible. Have a great day!

  6. Best wishes to you.

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