How do I put my own graphic banner in Sandbox

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    I’m new to wordpress and choose the Sandbox theme – but do not know how to insert a .jpg banner on the top of the page instead of the standard banner. Can it be done easily. I know nothing about css and very little html. Thanks.



    Have you purchased the CSS Upgrade? Sandbox is very basic in its options without the upgrade as it is designed specifically for those people that have a good grasp of the CSS options available.

    If you haven’t got the CSS Upgrade, I would (TBH) choose a different theme.





    Where can I find the Sandbox theme. I looked around with no joy…

    EDIT :: Found it.



    After looking at Sandbox I’m in agreement with Collin. Choose another theme. If I’m looking at the sandbox you are looking at you are going to have to edit the css with something like:

    #headerimage {
    	clear: both;
    	background: #fff url(images/yourheader.jpg) no-repeat 0 0;
    	margin: 10px;
    	color: #4B4D7D;
    	height: 200px;

    Hi Folks

    I am a newbie and I have chosen the Quentin 0.9 by Mike Purdy but i want to insert a banner. Do I have to change my theme as well?



    As the Quentin theme is not one with the option of inserting your own customizable header the only way to accomplish this with the Quentin theme is to pay for a css customization upgrade and edit the css yourself. ($15.00 per blog per year)

    If you do not have css customization skills and do not wish to purchase the css upgrade option then your remaining choice is to switch to another theme that allows for a customized header.





    Happy blogging. :)

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