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How do I put up Google Adsense ads on my blog?

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  2. So. Am I understanding this correctly? Adsense is not allowed on our blogs? ;-P I mean the recurring theme here seems to be that Adsense is not allowed on our blogs. So I just thought I would ask. Just to be sure. In case the FAQ was wrong. So. You really cannot put adsense on your own blog, huh?

    (Sorry couldn't resist.)

    This got to be a fun read. Thanks raincoaster, et al.

  3. You're welcome. By the way, you can't use Adsense on your blog. In case you were thinking of putting Adsense on it. You can't.

  4. Are you sure? I really can't put adsense on my blog? ;-p

  5. Adsense? What is this Adsense of which you speak?


  6. Adsense is what when you advertise ads by google and you get paid by every click every month.

  7. What? tell me more.

  8. Okay. WordPress is basically sounding pretty weak right now. I have written down what I need to learn. This consists of

    -optimizing my title tags
    -displaying a header image
    -using plug-ins
    -and implementing adsense

    When I look on the internet on how to do these things it just says to go to the plug-ins tag. Well, there is no plug-ins tab. When I look about implementing adsense I find that you (can't.) Well, if this is the case, how come I see so many wordpress blogs that accomplish the task?

    WordPress looks a lot more solid compared to blogger in terms of SEO and in terms of the look of the page itself, but frankly, it seems way more complicated then they make it. I know what I want, but haven't found one way to do it. This is garbage. I guess it's back to blogger for me folks. Maybe once I learn how to host my own site and do whatever else you need to do to get this to work I will come back. Until then, I'm out.

  9. You're looking in the wrong places. Have you read the sticky thread at the very top of the forum on the differences between and

    If you want SEO, you want But there are compromises. Familiarize yourself with those before you commit.

  10. Will this confusion over and ever end?

  11. No. For then we would know that Ragnarok was upon us.

  12. Every time one of these threads pops up... I have to laugh.
    It's almost as if these folks who are getting their 100 hits a day on their crappy lil' blog and DESPERATELY want adsense actually think that it'll make them money.
    NEWSFLASH! It won't. Not. Ever.

    I mean, like really, seriously, huh dude... huh, huh, huh dude?

  13. smartwomanguides

    RE; making money on the net w/blogs and Adsense. There are other ways to make money that are allowed here beside Adsense ads on your WordPress blog page.

    You can link to a webpage you host yourself that lists your stuff. Easy, cheap, and it follows the rules. You get the awesomeness of the templates here and the great support (and free stuff) and you can recommend products for purchase. You can ad Adsense to that. If you've built a following like all good bloggers do, your fans will click through to that page and they will buy. It will act like any other page of your blog if you do it right. Seamless. It's not hosted by WordPress so they don't care.

    If you do an original book/movie review, you can link with an affiliate link to Amazon. That is specifically allowed in the rules. They even give that as an example of ok play.

    You can directly sell your own products, such as on Epsy. That is also a way to make money and it's specifically listed as a fair use in the policy pages. And, you get to keep all/most of the money instead of a few cents.

    Why worry about random click ads when you can do so much better (and also find a way to integrate those in anyway.)? Creativity counts and what seems like a restriction doesn't need to stop you. Contact me if you want more ideas. It's easy.

    Together, we are stronger.
    Vicki Flaugher, the original SmartWoman

  14. I, alas, am not so smart. :-) Even though I reviewed the features and faqs and TOS, I still somehow managed not to understand WP's Adsense policy. I was under the impression that no ads on my blog meant no ads period. Not even ads implemented by WP. It's only taken me 5 months to discover I was wrong about this, but in doing so, I've found I'm not the only one to make this mistake.

    I don't want 'em. Not even the ones I "will probably never see."

    Speaking as a blog newbie, WP needs to really spell things out for newbies up front, in the front matter, with diagrams, "pitchers." I've sent WP jpgs of the GoogleAds on 2 of my posts. I said they could use 'em for this purpose. They need to not downplay their own use of Adsense. I think that contributes to the misunderstanding.

    Social (non-commercial) bloggers are coming here because they believe there is no advertising, period, and because they believe they are fully in control of content. WP use of Adsense, sadly, undermines the user control aspect.

  15. smartwomanguides

    @terryandtouey: I can relate to your disappointment and agree with you about the level of difficulty to get answers within the system. Some of it is obvious, but not that much. I guess you just keep doing. I'm a new blogger so I have a lot to learn, I guess.

    WordPress is actually some of the easiest software to use but their addition of Adsense to my pages is also a source of discomfort for me. I haven't decided what I intend to do yet, as I do like their platform very much. I might just move it, I haven't decided. I like, for lack of a better word, to protect my readers and maintain a certain level of integrity, which I feel is potentially compromised when I don't control the ads. Since I write about women entrepreneurs, dating sites and other misc. questionables related to "women" are likely to come up that I know don't relate to my readers' interests. This concern applies to all styles of bloggers, commercial or otherwise. People who make revenue from their blogs don't want crud on the site either.

    Good luck deciding what to do. Sorry you're frustrated. I understand where you're coming from. :-)

  16. Thanks Vicki! I too am still undecided as to whether to keep mine up on WP, now that I have a better understanding of the ads policy.

    Mine's a small blog. It's not even on the radar of 99.9% of blogdom, but I put some thought into how it appears and what I'm saying there (usually), and how it comes across to others is important to me. Finding GoogleAds that make me appear to be endorsing products I would never endorse was a nasty jolt. grrrrr!

    Now that I have a better understanding of the policy, I can either choose to accept it and work with it (maybe while lobbying to change it), or I can decline and go someplace else. But that "don't worry, honey, you won't even know we've done it" attitude really makes me mad. double-grrrrrr!

    I see no reason why WP can't or shouldn't be more transparent about the policy and how it plays out. Repeatedly responding to forum posts and complaints for 2 years (maybe longer?) and requests for clarification just seems so counter-productive. You'd think they'd want to put that effort to better use.

  17. Well, this was very enlightening! I guess I'll be looking for another solution for our blog! I don't understand why Word Press doesn't let us opt out of the ads for a reasonable fee.

  18. I am really disappointed that WordPress doesn't allow for AdSense. I am getting my blog going and have a couple of others to add, but don't want to be limited to the blogs without AdSense or Amazon ads or other high quality ads.

    Is this something that is technically ok and they haven't build an interface for us to use? or is thing just against a WordPress policy?

    My next sites will really depend on the best environment and ability to host some ads.

  19. is making QUITE a lot of money from Adsense on the blogs. They're not giving that up cheaply/quickly. It is currently against policy, but not against policy, nor do I think it will ever be:

  20. If it gives you some perspective:

    I'm currently running a blog on that has the potential to go commercial. As a professional blogger who makes at least part of her income from ads, I've investigated the field and I have to say, for this blog I would not even bother with Adsense. The payoff isn't there. And it immediately brands you as low-rent. I'd go with an established blog ad network or it wouldn't be worth the cheapening of the look. I'm very serious: this is how I make my living.

  21. This is raincoasters last post: Britney Spears’s favorite sex tape: I Love You Cheetos!
    June 17, 2008 – 10:02 am Clear why he/she doesnt care about ads. If that is going commercial, well I guess I am speechless.

  22. Thank you. It's wonderful to have new readers. Don't forget to subscribe!

    PS: wrong blog.

  23. can i put adsense ads in this forum ?


    adsense-code b465768790

  24. *Bash!*

  25. pornstarbabylon


    but don't want to be limited to the blogs without AdSense or Amazon ads or other high quality ads

    I believe I read on the forum not too long ago that Amazon is allowed on blogs that are original and not a scraper blog or cut and paste. Best bet would be to email support and ask them if you can.

    And Adsense really isn't anything but Google's big lie. You can only make money from their ads if your site gets thousands of hits a day. A friend of mine a couple of weeks ago was for that week making about $30 a day because he got a reference from the NY Times which was getting him about 30,000 hits a day. But he usually makes about a dollar a day.

  26. Amazon affiliate links are allowed as part of a review or other post where they're relevant, provided the blog is not ABOUT generating clicks to Amazon. Amazon ads are not allowed.

  27. I do not know if I have yet truly found the holy grail, but I believe I am very very close. I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to figure out how to setup the very popular blog of a friend using wordpress so that we can run Adsense on it. I have been a web designer for years (intermediate to advanced) and I routinely setup adsense for clients but this one has been tricky.

    If I figure it out, I will let you know - you can also email me at [email redacted] and let me know if you want to be updated when/if it works. Wish me luck!

  28. Adsense on a WordPress blog tricky? No it isn't. There's a plugin for it!

    I'm guessing you're a spammer trawling the forum for email addresses. I hope nobody's naive enough to respond to you.

  29. Seriously, that's the reply I get? After reading the length of this post, I decided not to comment on the "attitude" posts previously listed even though I agreed. Instead, I just posted my comments regarding the adsense, but I guess you proved me wrong. Thanks for that.

    After reading through all of these posts, you guys have made it impossible for all of these people to post Adsense on their blogs, and now you say it is easy? Are you nuts?

    I will look into the plugin you mentioned, but I immediately suggested to my client to remove his blog from your hosting because we couldn't post adsense on it. If it were easy, please tell me why you have endless forums saying the answer is "no?" If you truly want to help your users - why are you not transparent?

    I am here to help either way. Not a spammer. But I am polite.

  30. It IS easy to post Adsense on a WordPress blog. It is, however, both impossible and against the terms of service to put Adsense on a blog hosted at

    If you had the level of expertise you claim, you would already be familiar with the different kinds of WordPress, which are also explained in a sticky thread at the top of the forum.

    I am at a loss to explain how you could read all the way to comment #58 in this thread and research Google Adsense in the forum and still be unaware that paid advertising will get your client's blog deleted. Paid advertising on a blog hosted at subjects that blog to suspension or deletion, as has been covered many, many times, several of them in this very thread.

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