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How do I put up Google Adsense ads on my blog?

  1. Are you billing that client by the hour for those two weeks of research? The very first post in this thread explains that Adsense is not allowed.

  2. Geez, raincoaster - you might want to get out a little more. Seems like you spend too much time in the forums. I have no quarrel with you - but you make things so personal, like the forums are all you have. I have better things to do, and if I didn't type so fast, I wouldn't even type this response. But you are 'one of those people' that just loves to poke at everyone - perhaps you lack something in your life, so be it.

    Regarding the terms/policies etc - of course I have read those. Regarding your attack on my expertise, thank God you are not my client so I don't have to justify my expertise to you, but I think it is enough to state that you post in forums all day and I publish websites. Stick with the forums. I have 40+ clients, so hopefully I have a little expertise somewhere.

    And I think several members will appreciate this: easy for you is not easy for everyone else.

    Easy is:

    Copy Adsense code and paste it into your webpage. That's easy.

    Easy is not:

    Install widget A in directory M and then install plugin R which works with widget A in the same directory. Or move your entire blog to another hosting source, and install wordpress, with above said plugings, then start over on your traffic and search engines and export your links out along with your contents in an xml file, etc.

    So you might want to go back to the other threads and read what you wrote. To anyone else reading this post, you can easily find raincoaster saying 'no' to adsense on WordPress over and over, without fully explaining herself (that's the key). But in this post - it's easy! There's a plugin! Woohoo! Where was that info raincoaster's previous posts? Perhaps it was just too much effort to truly help the forum posters.

    No doubt, raincoaster will follow this post with something else to try and provoke, that's because that is what raincoaster does best. Sad. My apologies to wasting minutes of everyone's life reading this content, which solves nothing.

    To raincoaster: I hope your week gets better.

  3. Seriously, dud you read this?

    The fact is, it's not allowed here, and that is that. How much more do you need?

  4. It is perfectly simple. can bathe in adsense. They pay. cannot. Is free.

    Install here, and find yourself breaking the agreement. Blog goes poooof! "how strange! I just violated the agreement! How can they delete the blog? It's not fair! Buuhuuu."

    And incidentally - I agree with raincoaster. If you cannot grasp this...

  5. I don't see any ads on my blog, on any of my posts. Are they somewhere that others see them but I don't. Sorry if ths sounds stupid.

  6. You don't see the ads if you're logged in. Regular readers don't see them. Firefox users apparently don't usually see them. People who find your blog with a search engine see them when they're there.

  7. Thanks for the explanation. And now I would like to see what they look like. I use Firefox, so I suppose that won' t be easy. I can use a different browser, though. Should I just go to my blog as if I'm another person? Or go from a search engine?

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