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How do I re-activate my email editor?

  1. Good Day,

    Situation: When I go to say the Committee Page of our website ( under Contacts and click on a link - say "Paul" - then a new page opens entitled "untitled" and nothing happens. In the past a new page would be opened and my email editor would appear with the link's email address typed in.

    Since the link works fine on my wife's computer, it would suggest that a setting on my computer has been de-activated so that the email editor does not appear. Do you have any ideas how I can rectify this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is not really a WordPress issue but your mail links are links directly to gmail. These will only work if:

    • The person selecting the link uses gmail, and
    • The person is logged in to google, and
    • gmail is not blocked (at many work sites webmail is blocked from staff PCs)

    This means that the link will never work for most people.

    Replace redacted] with mailto:[email redacted] and it will work

  3. The forum removed the email addresses, the correct form is where AT is replaced by @

  4. Thanks for your reply.
    When I am editing, all my links to email addresses use "mailto:" followed by varying email addresses. In the past when I tested all the links, my Google email opened with the email address already inserted. This no longer happens.
    So I agree that "This is not really a WordPress issue" however you state that my mail links are links directly to gmail. What do you mean by this? And,
    Where do I find "".

  5. Please ignore the previous comments, I think a plugin was changing the URL I see in your mailtos!

  6. Any idea which plugin it may be. Where do I find plugins?

    Thanks again for your reply.

  7. I use the google chrome send email from gmail extension, which opens all mailto: links in gmail. It obviously does that by changing it to a link address, which is why I thought you had direct gmail links!

  8. Thank You - this link has solved my problem.

  9. great, glad it helped!

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