How do I set a custom header image with the Duster theme? It's still the default

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    something seems stuck on my site.

    the featured image at the top of one of my 5 pages ( went back to the default image, seemingly on it’s own. i have tried resetting the image with old and new images, and the edit page shows the image i select, but the default one keeps showing up in use.

    i created an entirely new version of the page, but the same problem occurred.

    i even switched from themes from duster to twenty eleven to see if it made a difference, but no. i went back to duster because at least the default image is at least better suited to my site.
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    I’m sorry, that was a bug in the Duster theme.

    You’ll need to delete that image from your page, delete it from your media library, then upload it again and add it back as a featured image.



    i had done that beforehand, even creating a whole new version of an image in photoshop (really trying to start over). i tried again deleting image from library, waiting until next day, then reloading new image from my computer, setting image, updating page. site is still displaying default image.

    this is a new-ish, unannounced, site, with little content, so i wouldn’t mind “starting over” if there is a better way/theme to do that with. is the twenty eleven theme supposedly better on this situation than duster? when i tried a preview version of it, it looked the same but was still displaying its default image on the problem page. would starting from scratch on twenty eleven circumvent that?



    Yes, please install Twenty Eleven. It’s an update to Duster. You can do that directly through your Custom Header page.

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