How do I reach customer service?

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    I am having some account difficulties re. upgrades. Email for support?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hello there,
    This is a peer support forum where Volunteers and Staff work cooperatively to deliver support. Volunteers answer most questions and Staff monitor. When Volunteers cannot provide the required support we flag threads for Staff attention.

    There is no phone support here. If you have purchased an upgrade then you can contact Staff directly using this link If you have not purchased an upgrade then simply post what you need help with into this thread.



    Feel free to ask your question here. We’re more than happy to help you out with any issues.



    I am the administrator for my blog. I am using IE 8. When I try to publish a post, the publishing progress wheel just spins.



    flintshoop – please start a new thread for your issue so folks can better assist you. Thanks!


    I attempted to purchase an upgrade; my bank verified the purchse, but I never received confirmation from and of course the upgrade isn’t applied. Not sure where to go from here, obviously.

    Many thanks!



    The staff needs to look at your account billing info – I have flagged this for their attention – what will happen is that any charges that were paid for will be refunded and you can then purchase the upgrade again – sometimes the refund is a credit thing of some sort

    The staff have a real good record of fixing these things


    Ah! Good to know. Thanks for the response!



    You purchased the bundle upgrade and it’s active on your blog now. You can read more about Bundles at

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