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How do I read more blogs, and get people to read mine?

  1. So I wrote a blog entry, and I'm kinda new to this so how do I get people to read my blog, or how do I "advertise" more.
    And also I'm really interested in reading other Peoples blogs as well, and I'm not sure how I go about that. So any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Getting More Views and Traffic >
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  3. thank you for the answer I am new too on this and was looking also for the possibily to get more traffic on my blog, the big issue is to advertise on it.
    I would like know if there any possibily to get connected to others blog we like and still following them right on our own blog. I am in China and here without a PVN we can not get on FACEBOOK or tweeter account so how can we add those Blog on our Blog page as followers?

  4. @mendame

    You might also review the TOS before you get too far along:

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