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How do I reblog my own material to another blog I run?

  1. pianolessonvancouver

    I want to reblog an article I wrote to my piano teaching blog, but I can't find the reblog button from the TaoTao blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You would have to reblog it from a completely different user.

  3. I reblog my own stuff all the time, why would you need to be signed in as a different user?

  4. Anyway the reblog button is on the admin bar at the top when you click on the post you want reblogging.

  5. Is it working for you? No? Then try something else. has caught on.

  6. pianolessonvancouver

    No, it's not working. I don't have the reblog button at all in the admin bar.

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