How do I receive legitimate responses rather than spam?

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    Dear WordPress:

    This is going to sound like a foolish thing to ask, but I’ve been maintaining a blog on your site for roughly a month and a half now, and the only comments I’ve been getting are from these spammers who keep leaving me general comments like “Oh, you’ve got a good site here, you write so well, I can actually understand you, I’m going to steal some ideas from your site for my own…(etc., etc., etc.)” and in the most broken English I’ve ever read. I’ve even received comments from complete strangers (not even fellow bloggers, I’m led to believe) telling me how to increase the traffic on my blog by visiting such-and-such a site, and I’ve even had one spammer try to leave tips on how to beat the Diablo III video game in the comments section of one of my blog entries. NOT ONCE have I received comments from any of my subscribers or anyone else who is or might be genuinely interested in the content I’ve specifically written on this site–no one reacting to the specific content of any of my poems or book publication notices, no feedback on how well a job I did in writing any of my books, and so on. This is important feedback I need to receive as a writer so that I know how I can improve my craft and produce better books and poems for the public to read, and yet, I haven’t gotten ANY of that just yet.

    I know I should’ve noticed this problem sooner, and I will take responsibility where it is necessary, but inasmuch as I should have experienced more growth here on my blog than I have, I would like to know a) how I can prevent these spammers from toying with me and b) how I can get my subscribers and legitimate readers to leave me the feedback I need to read. Any assistance you are able to offer would be highly appreciated. Until then, thank you for your time.

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    a) you can’t prevent spam on a public blog, you can only let Akismet do its job to get rid of it.

    b) well, right now I’m averaging one comment per 2200 reads. How many views have you had?

    How many comments have you left on other people’s blogs recently? The internet is entirely give to get.


    hello there. I just posted a question a few minutes ago and spotted yours. I only set up about 2-3 weeks ago and have the exact problem. The good thing is that askimet has spotted all of it but I would have spotted it myself. It looks pure dodgy in real broken English and telling me things like we are a new volunteer programme setting up in your area your post is an inspiration to us. Then I got 1 today saying you have to start adding all these fancy headings in your posts in future or you won’t be able to use and shows me a link to click (NEVER). I’m actually getting more spam than comments. If you hover your mouse over the address it sometimes shows you a dodgy site or forum that its originating from. Try it. Also the number that is listed under is an ip address. it may look like this I looked these numbers up, you can find in a google search. Some are coming from a field in the middle of nowhere in portugal, some from a bus stop in a street in utah. Crazy try it out if you can.



    Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the advice. Kinda shows just how much of a slow learner I am when it comes to this blogging thing (Gives self facepalm)…but hey, at least I know now what the deal is.

    Problem resolved, and again, thanks to both of you for helping me out.



    Al blogs are equipped with Akismet and it cannot be disabled. Akismet learns when you “unspam” a comment. Over 80% of all so-called comments submitted to blogs on this domain every day are spam. Please read this section > Unwanted Comments and Comment Spam and scroll down and read “5 things every blogger should know about spam” on this page. This may also be helpful > Mark Spam as Spam



    That’s not slow learning. That’s just learning. It’s always an ongoing process with blogging.

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