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How do i recover lost work?

  1. Ok guys, if anyone can help with this issue i would be most grateful, as in total i would say i have just lost over 10,000 words. I have been travelling for the past 60 days now and up until now, i have been able to resolve these minor issue, but recently i have lost all the work i put into 5 posts, i have read online things to do, e.g revisions and the like but it's not worked.

    I type up my blogs using my iphone 5 and when i am not able to use the internet i save my work as drafts, i was on a train recently and type up two days. when i was done, i looked back to make sure they had saved as blogs posts but when i got to the hotel later that day which had wifi, all i had were five sentences, as opposed to the 1800 i had typed for each one. Please help as this has really made me not want to use wordpress any more. I have recently looked over more work which i had created ready to check and publish but the same thing has happened with them, either that or it's saved ony half of what i had typed up.

    Please help if you can, as i can't remember what i wrote previously to do it all again,
    hoping to hear back

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm afraid this is an ongoing problem with long posts that many, many people are reporting. I suggest that until it is resolved, you do your blog posts in an offline blog editor like Ecto or Windows Live Writer, or even a notepad-like program, so you always have a copy in some form.

  3. Thanks guys for all your help, I will just have to accept defeat I believe, as I wrote the blogs using the WordPress app. Sadly there are no revisions for certain posts, even though it said they saved as drafts when I checked back after completing them. Two days later and it's either saved half of what I wrote, or only 5 sentences. It doesn't matter now that I've calmed down about it. As suggested, I think I will use a document app to ensure this issue doesn't continue.
    Thanks again.

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