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How do i recover my old/closed blog address?

  1. avagrantevents

    I recently opened a new blog, but it would not let me use my domain name. It is attached to the old/closed blog. How can I recover my old address name without an upgrade?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You cannot undelete a blog. Deletion is permanent. However...

    I'll tag this for staff attention so that they can move the domain name over to the new blog. They will need two things:

    1. What is the domain name you want moved.

    2. What is the URL of the blog you want it moved to?

  3. I don't see any registered domains under your account.

    As mentioned above, if you'd please tell us exactly which domain you want to move to which blog, we should be able to help.

  4. avagrantevents

    This is the new blog address :

    (You will notice an extra "m" in the new address). I would like to change it to the correct name below.


    My domain name is :

    Thank you sooo much !

  5. is already registered by a different user.

  6. If you are mapping a custom domain name the base WordPress.COM blog domain name does not matter as your visitors will not see the base blog name

  7. avagrantevents

    Hi Macmanx I replied to your email. Thank you for your help.

  8. avagrantevents

    Thank you Theacrdpath and Auxclass !

  9. avagrantevents

    Thesacredpath...........sorry for the mispelling. smile. Thank you again!

  10. imagemak, I haven't sent an email. If you mean the notification of reply to this forum thread, that goes to a donotreply address. All received emails are tossed.

    If you'd like to reply, please do so here so we can help you.

  11. avagrantevents

    Hi macmanx. Sorry for the confusion. I didnt notice the return address. The other blog(old/closed) is under the name Ava Scearce( divorced). I own the domain name It can be verified at Go Daddy.

  12. blogs are owned by the users who register them.

    You can map your existing domain to any blog following this guide:

  13. avagrantevents

    Can you tell me the owners name?

  14. was registered in 2010 by myimagemaker with an email address.

  15. avagrantevents

    Okay, Thank you. Thats I will try to access it through my Aol account. Thanks for your help !

  16. You're welcome!

  17. Macmanx This is Ava again. I did get into the old blog. Now what do i need to do?? transfer it ?? lol

  18. Thank you !

  19. You're welcome!

  20. avagrantevents

    Macmanx, I transferred the blog to my new address. Its showing the 404 code.

  21. You have no published posts, they're all in the Trash. Once you publish a post or recover them from the Trash, you'll see them on the front page.

    Alternatively, publish a public page and set that as your front page:

  22. I imported the post after I transferred it to the new bog. When i uploaded the Theme the 404 code was there. I had all post set on private.Everything imported but the Theme would not stick. I put them in the trash to see if it would correct the problem. I still received the 404 code, so I deleted everything to check it. Still received the 404 code. Today I did a second import .and got a notice to wait for confirmation from support. Thank you again macmanx, sorry for all the confusion. Have a great weekend!

  23. *blog

  24. You're welcome!

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