How do I redeem my domain – HELP – Need to get back to my business

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    My credit card number was updated – and I didn’t get an email about my updating my doman. I have a business. I need to redeem my domain name tonight. Please any one – can you advise?



    Hi sharon130413022

    Can you please provide us the domain that is in redemption?

    I am tagging this post as ‘modlook’ for staff attention please wait for some time they will get back to you on this.

    Here is the support document that will help you out to know more about a domain in the redemption period:

    Hope this helps.


    Hi – I am the owner of I didn’t get the rewenal and my account needs to be redeemed. How do I redeem and get the EPP code or authorization code?


    How do I get my email to go live again and how to do I transfer my domain name to GoDaddy….I need more tech support then I have on WordPress. I need an EPP Code or Authorization Code = this is urgent. Trying talk to clients and I need to get back on my emails.



    Hi there,

    The domain you’re trying to get back was registered by the username, travelmadespecial. We can only redeem a domain at the verified domain owner’s request, so can you please log into that account instead and confirm here that you wish to recover it, and that you agree to our registrar’s $80 redemption fee?

    Once the domain is restored to your account, you’ll then be able to request an EPP code should you wish to transfer the domain.

    I see you also had a G Suite email subscription on that domain that also expired. Once the domain is restored you’ll need to contact Google directly to reactivate that account – when it expired it was removed from our reseller account, and we no longer manage that subscription. It’s not possible to move it back to us once reactivated, so you’ll need to manage it directly with Google going forward.


    I don’t understand the steps. I am logged into the account now….I would like to redeem. I already spoke to G Suite and have updated that subscription. I am about to fly 10 hours – and need to reach clients before I fly.


    This seems like a mad loop. Has no one ever had their card information hacked…I had to get a new card and didn’t realize I would have negative issue with my domain name, etc.


    OK – I am log in my domain name Travel Made Special….but when I click to this forum it shows the wrong account. I don’t know how I even did that – and I am lost and need to talk to my clients and fix the domain so I can work with G Suite and get with my emails.





    Thank you for confirming via the correct account. I’ve sent a payment link to the email address connected to the travelmadespecial account.

    Once we receive your payment, I can email our registrar to restore the domain. However, domain redemption is a manual process, so the domain won’t be active until someone at our domain provider reads my email and redeems the domain, and that will only happen in the morning, East Coast US time, as that’s where our domain provider is based. There is no way to speed up this process.

    Your domain expired on 29 April. We sent you a renewal reminder 60 days before that. We also sent you an email when the renewal failed a month later, and several more emails both before and after the expiration date. Your domain was also still renewable for an additional 42 days after it expired, before it finally got cancelled and entered redemption.

    If you did not receive our renewal reminders, it’s possible your email provider spammed or even blocked them. Please follow up directly with your email provider in that regard.

    how to do I transfer my domain name to GoDaddy….I need more tech support then I have on WordPress

    Just a comment on this: I see you owned a Premium Plan which also expired. That plan gives you access to 24/5 live chat support and 24/7 priority email support, but the only time you ever contacted us for help with your site was in February 2017, when you first bought that plan.

    Please be aware that on we do all behind-the-scenes technical maintenance for you, and we provide full support for the WordPress software with which your site is built, though we can’t help if you never contact us.

    If you move to a self-hosted installation with GoDaddy, you’ll have to do all maintenance yourself, and GoDaddy support will only assist you with matter related to your hosting account, not issues with using your site or fixing problems in the WordPress software.

    I recommend you take a look at this comparison to make sure you understand the difference between using, and hosting a WordPress site somewhere else:



    Your payment just came through and I’ve emailed our domain provider to redeem the domain. I’ll let you know as soon as they reply.


    I paid the fee…now what? How do I get the EPP code?


    I went through EVERY EMAIL – I never received a reminder – FYI! That is why we are also having issue tonight.


    I went through EVERY EMAIL – I never received a reminder – FYI! That is why we are also having issue tonight. Meanwhile GoDaddy Rep has been talking to me on the phone – and supportive and trying to help for 4 hours….I don’t think that it fair you are negative about them. I use them for another domain. Never had an issue like this.


    I never used the tech support – because the one time I did – it was just a bunch of articles – I needed more help then that…I am not a web builder. And life gets in the way…I had a relative die. I don’t need a lecture – I need to get the EPP code



    You will only be able to request the EPP code once the domain has been restored from Redemption, as I said in my first reply.

    And I nowhere said GoDaddy’s support was bad. I said they only provide support for matters related to your hosting account or your domain. They do not provide support for the WordPress software with which your site is built. If you don’t care about the latter, there’s no problem with that.

    I went through EVERY EMAIL – I never received a reminder

    As I said above, if that’s the case you need to contact AOL support to find out why, as multiple emails were sent from our side. There’s nothing we can do if your email provider fails to deliver emails to the address you provided for your account.


    I prefer to be with a company that I can pick up the phone and talk to a human….I am jeopardizing my business and health tonight by trying to fix this for 20 hours – and it seems who ever created wordpress didn’t see the issue where a card could be replaced and the domain name holder may not have access to an email account – people do change emails. I found WordPress complicated not intuitive as I hoped when I first started 2 years ago – and gave up. I had a relative die and other life matters to deal with as well. All I want to do is help someone who is a client tonight….and I really don’t need a lecture.


    Hi – it is past 9am on the East Coast. I need my EPP code or authorization code NOW. I have an urgent issue and am about to fly. PLEASE SEND! I paid the redemption fee. I need to speed this up please.



    We are still waiting for our domain provider to redeem the domain. As I’ve already explained, this is a manual process, and there is no way to speed it up.

    Until the domain is restored you do not technically own it, so there is no way to request an EPP code before then.

    You should also note that once you request the EPP code and provide it to GoDaddy, it can still take up to a week for a domain transfer to complete. There is no way to speed up that process either.


    Ok – I thought you had said it would happen today. So you are waiting Wild West to release it then? This has been exhausting and frustrating. I am not blaming WordPress for the lack of emails to AOL – but maybe there should be a two factor notification set up in the case that an email account is hacked and/or goes inactive for whatever reason. I am not a technical person – however it seems there is no back door for someone like myself who is caught between 2 issues. I was in NYC and someone skimmed my credit card number so I had a replacement sent out. I had no memory unfortunately of linking it to WordPress – and thought Amex would update the payments accordingly when I asked them about card payments – they told me not to worry. Next my AOL account was impacting the processor on a brand new MacBook so Apple had me uninstall the account – and I really was only getting junk email. I logged in last week with Apple to see I had ONE message May 5 about redemption. So I clicked it. Not knowing it would create a 2nd profile with WordPress -thus making it harder to find the original domain I am trying to restore. Then I have had to text an “expert” – which really is not the support I need a as a business owner with clients who need to reach me. I am seeking GoDaddy’s support as I can pick up the phone and talk a human. I thought WordPress would be intuitive to create- it was not – and I have a busy life – so I need someone else to build my site. Life happens – and it seems WordPress if it cared about it’s clients and service would have 2 ways of reaching someone if an account had a billing issue or appeared to go inactive. Linking a cell phone or something would be a smart business solution. I have written white papers on 2 factor authentication as someone who did PR for a major bank project. This would have saved aggravation – and I would think WordPress cared about its clients and keeping them in business. Food for thought!

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