How do I redeem my domain – HELP – Need to get back to my business

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    And please advise how long this manual process takes? Is this a day? 2 days? I need a timeline too. Clients deserve to have an outline so that expectations are met accordingly. Thank you.



    It should happen within the next few hours, but it depends on the support queue at our domain provider.


    Thank you – that is helpful to know. Appreciate that reply.


    Also – how will I get the notification of the EPP code? To the old AOL account?


    Any update on when the EPP code will be done?


    Hi – any update on the EPP code? How will I be notified?


    Hi – how will I be notified about the authorization code and when?


    It’s been 24 hours….



    @travelmadespecial we haven’t heard back from the registrar yet, but will update you as soon as we do.



    About this:

    how will I get the notification of the EPP code

    The first step is to redeem the domain and get it active in your account, then work on transferring it. If you need to change the address on the domain before requesting your code, you’ll want to be certain to waive the 60 day lock. Again, though, the domain will need to be active first.

    We’ll update you when we hear back.



    We should have had a reply by now, so I’ve asked our domains team to follow up directly with our provider to find out what the problem is.

    But this literally depends on someone on that end clicking a button, and there is nothing we can do until they do that. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more.


    Hi – can someone send an update – PLEASE???? I need to speak to a client who only can email from their vacation. PLEASE. I need to wrap up this matter. I was told yesterday and a few hours. We are now at near 48 hours. PLEASE ADVISE!


    How long does it take to click a button? This is just cruel! And I want to re-state – I had ZERO emails from WordPress between January 31 and May 5 about the status of my account. The only one I received was May 5 – which, unfortunately as I didn’t have AOL on any of my devices while APPLE was testing an overheating issue with my computer. I think it is horrible to play with people’s lives and businesses like this. I am a very small business with upset clients. People think I am no longer in business with the bouncing emails – and not all have my cell or nor do I know everyone who is trying to reach me. WordPress should have 2 factor notification for something so significant as domain being lost. This is maddening and causing me anxiety.



    Hello! We’ve received word that your domain has been redeemed and is now active.

    Please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.


    Thank you = I understand my domain has been restored. I am requesting the EPP Code – please send. Thank youl



    I am requesting the EPP Code

    The relevant support doc is: Transfer a Domain to Another Registrar


    Will someone be posting my EPP code or emailing it to me?


    Thank you! Will that be emailed to me or posted here?



    Please go to and click the Accept button there.

    That will unlock your domain for transfer, and send you the EPP code to the admin contact email address set on the domain.

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