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How do I redirect a different registered domain to my main registered domain?

  1. How do I redirect a domain to a different domain

    I would like to register a custom domain for my blog ( Then, I would like to register a different domain (for example : and then have it mapped to my main domain ( as or (however it's supposed to look). This will be easier for readers who want to see only the info I write on the XYZ page within my website.

    Also, if I buy a domain will I be able to have multiple pages with blog style capabilities in my site? Or does this only depend on the theme I choose?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you have an existing domain name you can map it to your blog here with these instructions - you can also register the domain name you want here (only some extensions are supported to register - most all can be mapped here) with the instructions below

    You can map more than one domain name to a single blog here - but only one domain name is the Primary (displayed in the browser window)

  3. Hello and thank u. Yes I have already read all those instructions but none of them explained if I could map a domain to a subdomain within my blog. I don't want the other domain to redirect to the homepage of my blog I want it to direct to a page onmy blog. I hope tthis makes sense :)

  4. yes you can also map a sub-domain to a custom domain name

  5. Yes I read that already too but it sounds like it is explaining how to map my blog to a different site that already exists. This is not my case. I own a domain but I do not have a site for it. I don't want my blog to be a sub domain on another site, I want the other domain (that has no site made for it) to be used to redirect people to a subdomain on my blog site.

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