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How do I reduce HUGE gap between text and picture in first ever blog post?

  1. firstvisiblecat

    Hi folks.

    I have uploaded some diagrams to my first ever blog post (Post Number 1) but can't seem to get rid of a huge margin between the text and the diagram. The way I created the diagram was to write it by hand and then scan it into a Word file and then uploaded it to Word Press as a PNG file.

    Any help with this would be really appreciated. I don't want to start publishing my blog properly till it looks right and I'm just totally stuck on this small detail. As the blog is on time management, I need to get my act together. Should have gone live ages ago!

    Thanks a lot,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you don't publish the post, we can't see it so we cannot help you.

  3. firstvisiblecat

    Thanks Raincoaster. It's now published it as Time Management Lesson 1. The gap I am trying to reduce is between the bottom of the diagram and the next block of text.

  4. There's no huge margin between the images and the text: the white space is part of the images themselves. You need to crop them in an image editing application then upload and insert the new versions.

  5. firstvisiblecat

    Thanks justpi,

    Any applications you reccommend? I tried cropping the pictures in Word and couldn't manage to do it without distorting the actual picture.

  6. You're welcome.
    Word isn't designed for editing images.
    When you scan a document, your scanning application should allow previewing and specifying the exact area you want to scan.
    The best image editing application is Photoshop, but it's not free.
    You can Google for free online image croppers, for instance:

  7. firstvisiblecat

    Good suggestion. Picresize looks really simple and user friendly, so the edits should be done over this weekend and then, fingers crossed, I can publish properly next week. Thanks!

  8. A friend explained Word image editing really well to me: when you use a normal image editor and you hit crop, what happens is, it cuts the thing into the size you've selected.

    With Word, what happens is your image stays the same size, but Word lays virtual sheets of blank paper over all the parts you don't want to see.

    This explanation is easier to follow when you can demonstrate it physically, but it's something you never forget.

  9. firstvisiblecat

    Yes, that explains the huge margin in an area I thought I had cropped. I'm learning a lot!

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