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How do I refresh the tag cloud?

  1. How do you reset or refresh the tag cloud? I have several old tags and I written about others more frequently. How can I delete some of the tags in the cloud and add others, or is it a way to refresh?
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  2. You can't. This is one reason I use categories instead; the tag cloud shows the first 45 tags and no more.

  3. @raincoaster Thnx for feedback!

  4. More precisely, the tag cloud displays the 45 most used tags.

  5. Are you sure? I've seen repeated complaints that it doesn't, that it just uses the first 45.

  6. My impression is that those complaints are due to confusion, or to the fact that the tag cloud doesn't always update immediately.
    The scientist who wrote the relevant Support doc says that the widget "will display up to 45 of your most popular tags" after having said that it "shows a list of all the tags you've assigned to your posts"...

  7. So...we might as well roll a die. Thanks.

  8. Tested things and figured it out, rain. You're partly right and I'm partly right: "most used" applies when there is a difference in the number of times each tag has been used, "first" applies when there's no such difference. For example, if you've got 50 tags, and the 10 least used ones have been used a different number of times each, the more used 5 of those 10 will show up; if you've got 50 tags, and the 10 least used ones have been used, say, only once each, the oldest 5 of those 10 will show up.

  9. Ah, that's way more research than I'd ever have done, thanks! Very useful.

  10. My pleasure!

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