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How do I register a released (yet mapped) domain?

  1. So I have an interesting situation. I seemed to have gone about the process of registering a domain with WordPress backwards and now don't know how to fix it.

    I had a domain with another provider that I wanted to release and move to WordPress. I had canceled my service with the other provider, and asked them to release the domain. Because I wasn't sure if they had completely released it, I attempted to register it with WordPress and thought that I indeed had registered it, but I really only mapped it while it was still In The Process of being released. Once it was released, it no longer worked on my site because the name servers had not been updated but now it won't let me register it with WordPress because it has technically already been "mapped." I also can't cancel and start over because it's been beyond my 30 days... Help me?

    The blog in reference is

    Now when you visit the site, you'll be redirected to which is the second domain that we actually added to the site since was not working properly.
    Blog url:

  2. WordPress.COM can't accept incoming domain name transfers - to register a domain name with WordPress.COM the name would need to be not registered any where else - which means the name would not be usable while it goes through the deletion process then there is the chance someone else would get the name and hold it for ransom

    You can map a domain name that is registered with another registrar to a blog here at WordPress.COM

  3. @obsess90210: hi there! Another user on your site (not you) purchased a domain mapping for on August 8, 2012. So it's still within the 30-day refund policy, the same user who purchased it can request to cancel and refund this upgrade.

    The domain appears to be registered by "Anthony Jones", according to the public whois information:

    Is that person affiliated with your site? If yes, you can have them update the nameservers to,, (detailed instructions here) so that your custom domain will work again.

  4. Hello, for some reason I didn't see these responses as they were posted. Anthony Jones did previously own the domain but we asked the domain to be released by the hosting provider that he had it registered with at the time. There were a lot of kinks in the process of it being released and in such time was when it was accidentally "mapped" and not registered with WordPress.

    My role is a third-party webmaster who works with clients to make sure their transition is smooth and successful. That being said I am not the only with access to the blog and it's properties since I am not the one who pays for it. My client tried to go ahead and add the blog before it was completely released and only mapped it. Since again I missed this response, it is now outside that 30 day limit so how would I go about canceling the mapping to start over and register it with WordPress?

  5. Hi there, only the user who purchased the domain mapping upgrade can request its cancellation. They can request the domain mapping upgrade by logging in and posting in this thread. If they want you to manage future work on their behalf, they can also request that all or some upgrades on be transferred to your account (obsess90210). I hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions!

  6. Thanks, that sounds great. How would I have them to transfer upgrades, just for future reference?

  7. Domain upgrades need to transferred manually, so they'll need to either post in this thread or contact us directly via the contact form.

    It is also possible to transfer blog ownership to another user (e.g. if they want you to manage the blog and have the full control over it), this support article explains how. Blogs with domain upgrades will have to be transferred manually, though, and will prompt the user to contact support anyway.

  8. Good to know, thanks. I'm contacting them now to have them post the request.

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