How do I remove a Blog.

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    Just getting started can mean making some mistakes. And I have a Blog which I opened – with no posts – and another which has its first post. I want to remove the Blog with no posts but can’t seem to find a way. It says go into tools and delete site – but does this remove all Blogs and all information, or just the Blog I want removing?

    The blog I need help with is



    It is always easier to answer questions that are relating to SPECIFIC URLs, ie those starting with http rather than hypotheticals.

    It is almost invariably an advantage to have a private blog on which to test widgets and themes. To set a blog to Private, go to Settings->Reading on the dashboard of that blog.

    To delete the blog, go to Tools->Delete and realize if you do this neither you nor anyone else will ever be able to use the content >OR the URL of that blog ever again.


    Yes, thank you. But my concern is, when going to Tools>Delete, it says Delete Site. Does that mean it deletes everything, all blogs? Or just the blog whose dashboard you have on screen at that time? I mean, does the word ‘Site’ refer to that particular blog, or the entire site pertaining to that username?

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