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How do I remove a photo?

  1. superredsquirrel

    How do I remove my photo which appears on the dashboard left hand side next to the WordPress icon (not the gravatar)?
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  2. If you do not mean the gravatar then I don't know which image you are referring to. What I do know is that only the gravatar image can be changed.

  3. On the dashboard? Or rather the gray admin bar? If so, see here:

  4. superredsquirrel

    Thanks justpi, you are correct, the grey admin bar (so that's what its called!) and I've been able to remove my image. It didn't look like it had happened immediately, but when I signed in today, the image had gone, so I guess there is a time delay. Thanks also timethief for responding. Cheers.

  5. You're welcome.

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