how do i remove a photo from the gallery?

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    So, let’s say I have 30 photos in my gallery, but only want 20 of them to show up as thumbnails on the blog. How do I get the other photos out of the gallery, but still keep them in the media library?


    The only way I know of is to go to the media library, delete the image you do not want in the gallery, then open the post with the gallery in the editor, click the “update post” button and then take a look at the post. The deleted image should be gone.



    But then it’s deleted off my media library completely. I want to show a full-size picture on a post without it also being a thumbnail in the gallery on the same post. Just kind of annoying. Thanks for the help!


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    Here is an expert article about using the gallery function on

    In my opinion, it’s a lot easier to place pictures in a table; you have more control over everything with tables.


    /nod to tess

    I never use the gallery because it is simply too restrictive. At some point maybe there will be enough control over them that I will change my mind, but until then I’ll just keep putting the images in the old fashion way.



    nice. thanks!


    Didn’t even know I was using Gallery; multiples of images ended up there. I would welcome the possibility of deleting and not wasting the space. I’m a total novice at all this and just now not finding the new blogger process all that user friendly; especially since my pictures started randomly dropping out. When I re-post, the image ends up in the gallery but not in the edited post.


    To insert images that have already been uploaded to the media library, but NOT in a gallery, while in the post editor with the post that you want to insert images into open for edit, put the cursor in the text (if there is text) where you want the first image inserted, click on the media library button (looks sort of like a grey pointy circle. Locate the first image you want to insert and then click the “show” link to the right. When the window opens, you can set things as you wish (align none if you want the image left aligned by not have text wrap, align left if you want the image left aligned with text wrap (same for right and center align)). Select what size you want the image inserted at. If you want the image to be clickable so that people can see the full-sized image when they click on it, then click the “file URL” button. When you are done with the settings, click “insert into post.” And that’s it.

    Repeat the above for additional images.


    By the way, the “gallery” is sort of a specialized thing and has very few options.


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    Gallery” is a feature of WordPress.COM. Introduced in March 2008
    ( )
    It seems to be a “work-in-progress in that there are many features that are undeveloped. If you want to post pictures of your high-school class reunion, it’s fine, but it leaves a lot to be desired.


    @tess, well put.

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