How do I remove a reblogged post.

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    I recently had a post reblogged by what I believe is a spam blog. I would like my post removed from that site but cannot contact the author and it seems like there’s nothing that I can actually do about it. Or is there?
    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is




    You cannot remove a reblogged post. You can continue to contact the site and ask the owner to take it down. You could also turn off reblogging to prevent it in the future or you could make your site private. WordPress has a guide on reblogging here:

    Alternately, if the site is SPAM you can report it by filing a report. Though, it make take Terms of Service a while to get to it.

    Abuse Form



    In the future the best you can do to prevent reblogs is to eliminate displaying the reblog button on the blog and in the Admin bar for logged in users. Please see here and read the full entry Then take note of this section

    Do know that the reblog button still appears on your posts in the Reader after you disable it from appearing on the posts and on the toolbar( Admin bar).



    Thank you.



    This has been helpful for me- so thank you to all the contributors on this issue!

    I’m-however- still having a problem with a “re-blog” button that seems to be embedded in my Media Library with the images. I created a Gallery and uploaded them to a Widget in my footer. Each image has the “re-blog” button and I can’t find a way to remove it! I’m disabled the “re-blog” button for the blog, but it remains on the Media files.

    Can anyone help with this? Thanks!



    Hi @cocorin:

    The reblog was set for the time the pictures were uploaded. To remove the reblog you have a couple options:

    1. Go to the Media Library
    2. Click on one of the images to go to the “Edit Media” screen
    3. Uncheck all of the options at the bottom of the page for Allow comments, Allow trackbacks, Show likes, and Show sharing buttons
    4. Click the “Update” button
    5. Repeat for each image desired

    Alternatively, If you have Custom Design you can edit the CSS to remove the reblog with the following code.

    .jp-carousel-light, .jp-carousel-light {
        background-position: 4px -56px;
        padding-left: 24px !important;
        display: none;

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