How do I remove an image that appears on every page?

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    How do I remove an image that appears on every page, under the header in the right hand column above the search bar? We loaded this image originally and would like to replace it with an updated version. Also – we’d like to insert an additional image into the side bar. Can we place more than one image in this location?
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    The blog I need help with is



    Go here > Appearance > Widgets and access the first widget at the top.


    thanks – I’ll give it a try



    thi is not a matter of trying per say. Appearance > Widgets is where you access all widgets on the blog.


    Okay – I’ve removed the image now I can’t figure out how to insert a new one. The drop down menu for a new primary widget image doesn’t have an option of inserting an image. How do I put in a new one? Or two?



    The easiest way to do this is to create a draft post and upload your images into it. Then when the draft is displaying the way you want you switch to the HTML (Text) editor and copy the code. Save the draft post. Go to Apperance > Widgets > selects a text widget, click to open, past in code, click “save” and click “close”. Lastly, you can delete the draft post.


    Thanks again – still being challenged & I’ll keep playing around. The links you provided are very helpful but the scale of the image originally was way off and then as I scale the size down it becomes fuzzy – not sure what I am doing wrong as I am new to working this medium – I’ll keep trying until I get it or give up.



    Prior to uploading any image into your blog, regardless if it’s a header image, a featured image, an image in a post or page, in a Post format (Gallery or Image), an image for sidebar display in an image widget or a text widget, you can optimize and re-size it in either a desktop image editing software or online image editing software to fit the space you intend to use it in. Does this help?


    Not sure – I’ll try it. It appears to be the image as I was able to upload a different image into that location with URL.
    As far as the original image (our logo) I still don’t have it figure out but am not giving up yet –

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