how do i remove black border around my pics in "image" format

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    Hi, I just started blogging and I have the twenty-eleven theme. Why, when I publish a post in “image” format, does a black border appear around my photos? The posts that I’ve published in “gallery” format have a light grey post, which I’m fine with. I don’t really like the black border. When I’m drafting the post and even when I hit “preview post”, the borders around my pics appear light grey, but when I hit publish and then visit the actual post, the black borders are there. Is this a feature that is unique to the IMAGE format? Is it because I’ve added text to the picture (so writing appears in the border)?

    The blog I need help with is


    Oops, In third line, I meant to say gallery format has grey BORDER which I’m ok with. Sorry for the typo.


    We need a link to the site you are talking about please.

    As far as why there is a black border, it is part of the design, but it can be removed with the CSS. And on the preview, sometimes it doesn’t show thing exactly as they will appear. It is supposed to, but sometimes…

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