How do I remove Date/Time from All Posts w/ Inuit Theme?

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    How do I remove the date and time from my posts using the Inuit them? I have upgraded CSS.

    I see many help posts mentioning page.php etc … I don’t know how to access .php folder.

    Can someone please explain [in plain english] the steps to delete the time stamp? I am a novice to this all. Lol

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    Anything you see mentioning .php files and such cannot be used here since we do not have access to the underlying theme files here at wordpress.COM.

    Add the following to your CSS edit window. It gets rid of the date but leaves the comment count and on the single post page leaves the author’s name as well.

    .date-comments .fl {
    display: none;

    I should have expanded my statement a little. Anything mentioning .php files has to do with self-hosted wordpress blogs and will not apply to blogs hosted here.



    I really appreciate you replying. Can I post the [above] anywhere in the css edit window or is there a specific place it should be?

    I have bought a domain name but sorry I don’t know if my blog is considered “self hosted” or not.



    I figured it out from your above post. Thanks a million! :-)


    You are welcome.



    Hi, thanks a lot thesacredpath, I was looking for the same thing, but I’d also like to remove the comment count do you know how to do that too?

    Also i was wondering if its possible to have more customize the css to have more than ten featured posts or is that something we can’t change? I am also novice, maybe this has been asked a few times before

    Thanks in advance!!



    sorry, this is my blog ( not quite sure why it doesnt show up cwhen i lick on my name above)



    .date-comments {display:none;}



    Hi there, this is is working but only for the non featured posts, is there a way to remove the dates and comments for the featured ones?

    Thanks for your time!! :)



    I figured out how to remove the dates and comment counts on the featured posts, now I’m still looking to see how to add more featured posts, rather than just 10, I’m not sure this is possible though?

    slowly getting there :)


    Did you try going to settings > reading and increasing the number of posts to show per page? Not sure if that controls the number of the showcase page or not.


    Oops, typo alert, didn’t mean to say “showcase.” Duster on the brain I guess.

    I just tried and the setting at settings > reading change will increase the number of posts on the main page past 10. I just went to 20 on a test blog and it worked.



    well, I can get 20 posts but not 20 featured posts ( the ones with a picture, like the first 10 ones on my blog) I can choose their number in Theme Options but I cant choose any number above 10 and I dont really know where the code is for that or if we can change it! :s

    thanks so much for the help in any case!


    Ok, yeah there is a maximum of 10 for featured posts. I was thinking regular posts.



    Thank goodness. Scrolling peeves readers off. Long front pages mean they are slow to load and readers click out rather than waiting for them to load. Also pageloading time is a pageranking factor. Can you imagine how long a front page would become and how long it would take to load if there were 20 featured posts on it? Yikes!



    hehe, the thing is I woudnt mind having ten and then ten on the next page, I just want posts with big pictures, I love this theme, I didnt want to have to change it! I dont really like the aspect of the normal posts…

    Oh well nevermind, thanks to everyone here, i’ll find something! :)



    You can tweak the regular homepage posts to look more like the featured posts with CSS, here’s some code to start you off:

    body.home .post {width:280px; float:left;}



    ah thank you halluke I hadn’t thought of that !! So I tried but unfortunately it seems like the pictures in the normal posts are thumbnails I cant really make them bigger or they go all pixely!
    Anyway, I’ve now upgraded and removed dates and comment counts thanks to this thread and I like how its looking! thanks a lot for the help here


    WHen I tried to add that in to the CSS it said I had to pay for an upgrade to CSS, but I don’t even know CSS. Any bits of wisdom here?

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