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How Do I Remove Embeded Widget Code?

  1. Hi,

    I have removed a text widget which contained code for a visitor counter (statcounter). However, there is still a button in my margin which reads 'project not found'. How do I remove the leftover code which is generating this button? I have tried overwriting with new text with no effect. Thanks in advance. Oh, and I don't have the CSS upgrade.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I clicked that widget code and discovered this: (I pay for the hosting) Install Guide

    Well excuse me but you have installed a code that will not work on a free hosted WordPress.COM blog. That code is clearly for a WordPress.ORG install.

    Remove all the code from the text widget. Go back to the site and get the non-JavaScript code that can be used on WordPress.COM blogs. For clarity please read >

  3. New basic, non-javaScript code now in place but the old button is still there. My new button should be invisible. New button is being detected by the stat site.

  4. All widgets are located here > Appearance > Widgets
    Locate the widget in question and open it and click "delete" inside the widget.

  5. Tried deleting the widget that way prior to posting in this form, without success.

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