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How do I remove "home" "about" and "search"?

  1. I've been enjoying modifying the css for my blog, but I can't seem to figure out how to remove the search box, "home" and "about" tabs, or the feed links up at the top.

    Here's the link to what I'm talking about:

    Anyone have any suggestions for me?


  2. Which theme are you using?

    The feed links are controlled by a widget, I think, not the CSS.

  3. The theme I'm using is Mistylook (with modifications). Good point about seeing if those are widgets--I'll check right now!

  4. I looked in Widgets (under the Presentation tab), and the only widgets I have are in my sidebar. Is there another place I should be looking?

  5. You should make the #navigation elements invisible, by inserting:

    #navigation {

    in your stylesheet.

  6. If you want to have some (empty) place above your page also add:

    #container {
    	margin:30 auto;

    (change 30 to whatever you prefer).

  7. That worked! The "home" and "about tabs are gone. Thank you so much!

    Is there something similar I can do to remove the "Feed on" "Posts" and "Comments" listing at the top left? I have deactivated my feedburner account.

  8. Didn't try it out, but you might try

  9. Eliza, your blog is looking lovely - very minimal and elegant. The thing that sticks out to me at the moment is the blue bar, so I thought you might be interested in knowing how to customize that to fit your theme better. If so, you can find the relevant code here.

  10. The feeds are now gone. Thanks so much, isadora!

    And I love the look without the blue bar--I never even knew it could be removed. Thanks, rosclarke, for suggesting that!

  11. ok i'm facing a problem but opposite of this. How do i add Home, About buttons? I can't change it in CSS format though.

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