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how do I remove multiple posts from a category?

  1. All posts are automatically assigned to "uncategorized" but when I add them to categories, they stay also in the "uncategorized" category. It seems to me like they should automatically be removed from "uncategorized" once you categorize them. Can I set that up?
    If not, I don't see a way to remove multiple posts from the "uncategorized" category. When I click "bulk action" and select multiple posts to edit it shows the possible categories to assign but not how to UN-assign them, For example, "uncategorized" is unselected even though they are all in the "uncategorized" category, so I can't figure out how to remove them from a category through "bulk action" - there is no 'remove from category' or 'unselect' option. I can do it manually with each individual post but that is a pain, especially as the system automatically puts EVERYTHING in uncategorized to start with.
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  2. You can change the default category by going into Settings, Writing, Default Post category.

    I think you once you remove 'Uncategorized' as the default category, you can then delete the category from Post, Catergories.

  3. Every post must have a default category. You cannot delete the default category. You can only change it. To do that you follow the instructions juliarevitt posted. The guide is here >

  4. The Posts -> Categories page in your dashboard displays all your categories and shows the name, description, and number of posts belonging to each category. If you move your mouse over a category a set of options will appear, allowing you to edit, quick-edit, or delete that category.

  5. Thanks, but I don't want to delete the category, I want to remove multiple posts from that category at once.

    So now it is no longer the default category but I still have eleven posts marked both "uncategorized" and something else. How can I remove multiple posts from the "uncategorized" category?

  6. Go to Dashboard->Categories and use the bulk editor to remove them from that category.

  7. I don't think it can be done. The quickest way I can see to do it is to filter the posts in the category and use 'quick edit' to change the category of each one.

  8. Yes, that's what I said, in different words.

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